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"If you are looking for professional online coaching for acting, public speaking, and monologue or audition preparation - I would highly recommend Amanda Coffin.  The audition process is very competitive and you want to be prepared and coached by a professional who is knowledgeable, experienced, patient, engaging and kind. Amanda was very impressive and knew how to communicate to administration, parents, the production team, and the students, which was not an easy task. She had experience in every aspect of putting on a production including the set, lighting, and the technical design. Prior to becoming our high school director, Amanda also directed my daughter in a drama at a local professional theater. The notes she provided to my daughter were very thorough and analytical especially in the area of character development."




I thoroughly enjoyed the way the class was set up and I enjoyed the feedback that was given during each segment of the session. I really enjoyed the way that she taught breath control and diction activities as they helped me understand the final result.


Amanda brings positivity and joyful energy to this experience which makes it fun and informative for any age group. I love her and how she teaches!

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